My super yummy intake today :)

My first Breakfast:

1 1/2 cups of muesli with about a cup of natural yogurt

1 large golden crunch cookie

My second Breakfast:

3 pieces of white bread toast with extra full fat butter

Morning tea/snack:

We had a shared morning tea at work so there was lots of yummy foods there!

Handful of mini strawberry cream cookies

Handful of chocolate cream cookies

Handful of chips

1 large Anzac cookie

Handful of carrot sticks and peanut butter


1 large baked potato Chilli beans with mushroom and corn on top Extra sour cream and cheese

Side of fresh salad with ranch dressing

Afternoon tea/snack:

Half a tub of berry sorbet 

2 large Anzac cookies

Second afternoon snack:

Piece of toast with extra full fat butter and peanut butter 


Spaghetti bolognese with a side of stemed peas and lots of full fat sour cream


A large waffle with cranberry sauce, butter and maple syrup 

Evening snack:

Haven’t had this yet but I think thinking a cap of tea and a cookie! :) 


Anonymous asked:

at what point would you consider someone as "fully recovered" physically and mentally?

girleating answered:

1) can eat intuitively without restrictions of any kind

2) has had at least 3 consecutive periods

3) is no longer obsessing over food, calories, or numbers

4) has a healthy sense of self and can problem-solve without extreme emotional highs and lows and doesn’t run back to disordered behaviors/thoughts every time something stressful comes up

5) has started focusing on hobbies, passions, and goals

6) is able to socialize freely

7) is content with (not necessarily love) their body and treats it lovingly

I sure there are more additions others can add!



I have read quite a bit of stick on tumblr lately for the minniemaud guidelines on youreatopia

If you don’t like them, you don’t have to follow them. They are certainly not for everyone.

They are a guide to refeeding and breaking eating disorder habits- NOT for reaching remission, as this…

You are on point! Sending you a ton of love and support! X x