anamelessnobody asked:

Hey beautiful, how r u? You are looking as amazing as ever. You are the one person in the world who really gives a lot of shit about me. You are truly brilliant soul which illuminates and brightens my day thru your encouraging messages. Thank you for being so wonderful. I appreciate your wonderfully awesome existence everyday.

Thank you so much! I am having a most positive body image day! :) brought a $2 tshirt last night from kmart and it’s my new favourite thing ever in my wardrobe!!
I do give a shit about you as you say, your worth it! I honestly believe your going to be and do such amazing things in your life! You have the biggest heart! I am so proud of you :) you have honestly come so far!
How is your day going? :)

Anonymous asked:

Please send some support to mymosaicrecovery she's been having a bad few days and has gotten really close to a selfharm relapse and I want her to know she's loved because she is

Of course!! x